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The GPS enabled mobile home search app allows you to easily and quickly search for properties, access localized listing information, share listing information with friends, and contact your agent with just a few taps.  The benefit of using the KW GPS Mobile Home Search App is that the mobile app is tied to your agent’s website.  With Realtor and other mobile home search apps, the app is independent of the agent’s website, which means it is not built for mobile consumers who are moving between a desktop computer and a smart phone as they communicate with their agent.



With the Keller Williams app, the app and the agent website are tied together!  No more searching for your agent's number, now you can get answers to your property questions asap.


How do I download the app?

It is a simple 3 Step Process:

1.  Follow the link
2.  Download the app from the Apple or Android store
3.  Open the App, read the terms of service, and enter code kw2o7zck7

Once you've entered my code, you can contact me directly with questions or requests regarding any property and we can get towards making your dreams a reality!